Our trainers are certified with the Specialty Coffee Industry’s leading supervisory bodies, including the SCAE, SCAA and CQI. Each trainer is actively involved in his or her area of expertise. For example, our roasting instructors regularly roast coffee in a commercial context and our sensory instructors spend significant amounts of time at our farms and in the lab.

We are not pinned down to a specific training location nor are we forced to offer trainings “only when we have enough students”. We charge fixed training session fees (not per student rates), so, we are the perfect onsite training solution for your whole team!


¥2000 +

Per Module
  • Barista
  • Cupping
  • Golden Cup
  • Green Bean Buyer
  • Roasting
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¥1200 +

Per Session
  • Chinese Contracts
  • Coffee in Asia
  • Coffee Metrics
  • Staff Management
  • Supply Chain
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* Some course pathways require a certified lab. Hani Coffee Co has its own lab or we can coordinate with a lab closer to your base of operations.