Branch Offices

Hani Coffee Co’s commitment to excellence has inspired us to launch Branch Offices in other parts of China in order to serve local customers, develop coffee culture and to position ourselves at the forefront of the blooming specialty coffee industry. If you are interested in opening a Hani Coffee Co Branch Office in your area, contact us today!

China Headquarters – Pu’er (Yunnan)

For many years, Hani Coffee Co operated a branch office in Pu’er city, with headquarters located in Kunming (Yunnan). However, in 2014, this all changed! We decided there was no better place for our company HQ than at the center of coffee production in China. This region, larger than the country of Taiwan, supplies nearly 1 % of the world’s coffee – and it’s only increasing! Stop by our offices to share a delicious Pour-Over and learn more about the exciting growth of the coffee industry in Yunnan!

Branch Office – Sanya (Hainan)

Even though Hainan is just small island off the southeast coast, this province is the second largest coffee-producing region in China. Our Branch Manager, Chris Cauley, has a passion to see coffee education and the enjoyment of specialty coffee rapidly expand in this area. This passion, married with his heart to participate in positive community development, is a perfect match for our company. We couldn’t have selected a greater place to launch our first Hani Coffee Co Branch Office! Contact Chris today…and enjoy a cold-brew together by the beach! Click HERE to get in touch.

Branch Office – Nanning (Guangxi)

We are excited to announce the launch of our Nanning city Hani Coffee Branch Office. This region is bursting with new cafes and has a domestic consumption rate growing at unprecedented levels. Our Branch Manager, Jaap den Butter, has been in China for more than 10 years, working as a senior leader in community development. He is excited about this new coffee adventure and becoming a part of the Hani Coffee Co team as we seek to bring positive influence to farming communities throughout China. Stay tuned for more information!

Join the Team

Hani Coffee Co is constantly looking to spread the love of great coffee throughout China. If you are interested in opening a Hani Coffee Co Branch Office, becoming a distributor or joining the crew at HQ, we’d love to hear from you. We provide a comprehensive “Partners Kit” that includes everything from website and company registration to visas and business coaching. Testimonies from existing partners and staff are available upon request. Get in touch today!

USA Headquarters – Texas

From the beginning, Hani Coffee Co. has operated separate companies in China and the US. John Melton is the owner of the US side and loves sharing the story and serving delicious coffee to those in the US. Roasting fresh from Justin, TX, Hani Coffee Co. can ship all over the US so that you can enjoy the same great coffee all the way from our backyard here in China. For more information, please contact John at